I'm Scott McVeigh, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker
and I'm available to create your video.

here are some quick links to my work:

I work as a freelance writer, director, editor
and/or CAMERAman. 

OR I CAN assemble MY team and handle the entire production through my production company, incue, inc.

I find a story to tell, craft a powerful message and share
it with the world. 

It can be bigger or smaller but it really comes down to that.

Kinda nice that I love doing it, too.

I'm told that the idea of a website is to sort of blow your own horn, to brag a little.
Which goes completely against my personality.

But here goes...

I’ve actually won an Emmy, a bunch of Promax Promo Awards, an Ace Award,
a NY Festival nomination and an Addy.

And Billy Crystal will take my call. So will Arnold. Yes, that Arnold.  So there’s that